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Have you seen these sassy platforms all over Instagram? Obsessed with y2k aesthetics? Does it feel like every influencer has them?! ☁️

We thought so too! We are absolutely obsessed with these and are delighted to offer these for the summer months!

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Please Note these is a slight delay on these due to popularity, so will take around 14 working days to arrive.

Once the order is finalised you will not be able to change it.

S I Z I N G —-

???? Fits true to size, however if you have a wider foot, it’s best to size up ????

Women’s Sizing Chart.

UK 2 - EU 35 - US 4 - 212mm Foot Length
UK 3 - EU 36 - US 5 - 220mm Foot Length
UK 4 - EU 37 - US 6 - 229mm Foot Length
UK 5 - EU 38 - US 7 - 237mm Foot Length
UK 6 - EU 39 - US 8 - 246mm Foot Length
UK 7 - EU 40 - US 9 - 254mm Foot Length
UK 8 - EU 41 - US 10 - 262mm Foot Length
UK 9 - EU 42 - US 11 - 270mm Foot Length

A B O U T US—-

Hey! We are absolutely ecstatic you have stumbled across our amazing store!
We are Ukiyo. If you don’t know what Ukiyo means, let us enlighten you.

Ukiyo means “Living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life.
It’s an amazing message, and that’s exactly what we at Ukiyo are doing.
We believe everyone could do with a little more Ukiyo in their life.

Here at Ukiyo, we have made the bold step of quitting our 9-5 and decided to live completely in the present moment. Every order means the absolute world to us and we can’t thank each and every one of you that support our small business.

D E L I V E R Y —-

We absolutely hate paying for delivery! Therefore we don’t expect you too either, all delivery costs are included in the cost of each item.

We make trips to the Post Office every day but due to popularity please allow 14 working days for these to arrive.

I M P O R T A N T —-

** PLEASE REMEMBER to enter your address at checkout if the delivery is for you... or if it's a gift for someone else, please remember to enter their address for the package to be delivered straight to their house**

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